You can now ORDER one of the extra rally packs from this year's rally

Just select your t-shirt size, and click the Buy Now button below, to start the process to Order your Rally Pack.
Obviously, we only have a limited number of shirts in various sizes, and some sizes are already sold out.
So, if you don't see your shirt size as an option in the pop up menu, or you can't complete your order, we are all out.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the rally and either pre-ordered or got your pack there.
AND, thanks to all of you who are supporting, even now, by ordering online after the rally has passed.

This year's Rally Packs include a T-Shirt, a Patch and a Pin (which will be mailed separately, so please input your mailing address into the Notes of your order).

T-Shirt Size

1. Sorry, but because of t-shirt size selection, you can only order one rally pack at a time.

If you would like to order Swerve 'N' Curve merchandise from previous years, please go to this page.